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Ireland 100 at The Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts.

I got a real dream commission in May.

I got a phone call from the amazing Fiona Shaw and was asked to film footage to be projected at the opening of the Ireland 100 programme of events hosted by the The Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts in Washington. The program was curated by Fiona Shaw and celebrated 100 years of culture in Ireland since the uprising in 1916 that ultimately led to the formation of the Irish state ( end of history lesson).

I spent 5 days driving 1000+km around the West of Ireland and loved every minute of it.  

You can see some of the work and get an summary of the event on the BBC website here

Guts Magazine :: Issue 5.

Do As I Say Not As I Do! The Authority Issue. 

A collaboration between myself  (concept, design and edit ), Roisin Agnew ( copy and narration ) and Steve MacCarthy ( illustration and video mining) on the theme of authority. 

Footage comes mostly from three areas. Asian military parades, 80’s and 90’s music videos and dystopian films. 

You can see more about Guts at and find previous videos here.

Anna-Mieke Bishop and friends.

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to film Anna-Mieke Bishop and co. in the beautiful Grangegorman Community Collective, which has now sadly been evicted.

The goings on in the background and the sounds give an idea of how vibrant and well used the space was while it was around.

Julian Muller :: Footprints in the Sand

I first met Julian Müller when he attended a Sofar Sounds show a number of years ago and offered us his home hold a Sofar. We finally held a show there last week and I was blown away by the view of the iconic Boland’s Mills and the fact that someone had somehow managed to get a grand piano into a 7th floor apartment! 

It was a great opportunity for a video and having heard Julian’s music I asked if I could drop by another day and film him playing ( kind of in honour of Piano Day too.) 

It was a soft afternoon and perfect for the feel of this song, we only had time for 3 or 4 takes and I did the edit that eve. I’m still trying to get that perfect one take video but I’m happy with my colour correction on this one. My first attempt was for this WOUNDS cover a year or more ago, I’ve learnt a lot since then, I must get a few more in. 

Auld Haunts has moved to MVP

Auld Haunts, the series of images myself and Steve McCarthy made , has moved to its new temporary home in MVP at Harold’s Cross bridge. 

They look much better in real life than they do here. They’re big and beautiful and framed by Hang Tough. Keep an eye out for them if you’re in D8 and  MVP is worth the trip even if they weren’t there. 

Prints are available on request. 

Here’s a little video about the project.


GUTS was 172% funded ! It is now available in Winding Stair Bookshop , Fumbally, Tamp & Stitch , Project Arts Centre , Article Dublin, Indigo & Cloth, The Independent Bookshop on South Willam street, online at This Greedy Pig and in IMMA! €6!

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