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Julian Muller :: Footprints in the Sand

I first met Julian Müller when he attended a Sofar Sounds show a number of years ago and offered us his home hold a Sofar. We finally held a show there last week and I was blown away by the view of the iconic Boland’s Mills and the fact that someone had somehow managed to get a grand piano into a 7th floor apartment! 

It was a great opportunity for a video and having heard Julian’s music I asked if I could drop by another day and film him playing ( kind of in honour of Piano Day too.) 

It was a soft afternoon and perfect for the feel of this song, we only had time for 3 or 4 takes and I did the edit that eve. I’m still trying to get that perfect one take video but I’m happy with my colour correction on this one. My first attempt was for this WOUNDS cover a year or more ago, I’ve learnt a lot since then, I must get a few more in. 

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